Sunny Leone’s New Book "Sweet Dreams"

The Hot actress and Bollywood queen Sunny Leone has just turned into a writer. She has written twelve short stories compiled in the name of "Sweet Dreams".

Leone said that her stories tell about seduction and romance but without crossing any limit that could make the readers feel uncomfortable, especially women. She shared her experience about writing these erotic stories, "Juggernaut came to me and proposed the idea of 12 short stories in this genre. It was a personal challenge for me to able to do it. I took about three months to write those. The story, '7 E', was the most difficult because that was the first one, so it took me time to figure out the writing style. Sometimes we had to get straight to the point because it is a short story. That was challenging because you don't want to move forward so abruptly that a reader loses track."

Juggernaut app just launched this e-book for Indian money Rs 49.50 on April 22, 2016. Till May 3, Sunny Leone’s stories will be released at 10 P.M to kick the readers into the romantic zone. The e-book has been described in the app as "The seven delicious stories in Sunny Leone's Collection, Sweet Dreams, will put the oomph back into your life. A story will be delivered to your phone every night at 10 pm."

Fans of hot Leone are waiting to have her complete dream book and here is a sample from her first short story book 7E, "I couldn't help but fantasize about what would happen next. I wanted nothing more than for him to use my body to fulfill all his animalistic desires. As the flight continued the passion between us grew more heated."

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