Felt Bad When Piku's Shoot Came To An End – Amitabh

Piku is an upcoming Bollywood movie starring Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika Padukone in main roles both performing father and daughter and the movie is all about their relationship.

Amitabh said that the film crew were like a whole family and shared immense bond with each other. He also added, "The day the film's shoot came to an end, we felt very sad due to the fact that now we won't be meeting each other and the whole family will scatter. This is how close we were to each other during the shoot."

And Deepika Padukone shared her experience about the movie, "All the characters are very relatable and so are the situations, each one of us will identify with it. Young working girls, who take care of their old parents, will completely relate to my character, Piku and so will all the women. Women are born to multi task; they will find it very relatable."

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