My Name Is Khan, 5 Yrs - A True Love To Watch This Valentine’s Day

'My Name Is Khan' completed its 5 years last Thursday. It's a romantic true love story between a Muslim man who suffers from autism and a Hindu girl.

Bollywood's hit pair Shah Rukh and Kajol shared their onscreen love and made us too fall in love with them. Even though the movie surrounds around terrorism and intolerance but it depicts the true love happens in most extraordinary circumstances. The movie speaks the journey of differently abled Rizwan Khan to meet the US President and convey the message 'My name is Khan', and 'I am not a terrorist'.

Shah Rukh also described about the movie in an interview that, "My Name Is Khan is not about terrorism, or 9/11. It's about a relationship between two people, between an individual and the State, and between an individual and the country".

Director Karan Johar tweeted, "An extremely special film to me...#5YearsOfMyNameIsKhan."

"My Name is Khan.....the only film I hav done 'In & As'. Thanx Karan Kajol SEL Ravi Deepa Shibani & everyone. Noor e Khuda," Shah Rukh tweeted.

Now don't you agree this movie is truly one to watch for this Valentine's Day? Hear the movie’s most romantic songs and celebrate love this Valentine's Day!

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