Bollywood Big B Ruled Out Hollywood Roles

Amitabh Bachchan is now at London in promoting his latest upcoming movie Shamitabh. The Bollywood movie Shamitabh is written and directed by Balki and really a compliment for Big B’s 70th birthday. 
Amitabh Bachchan made over 180 films yet.

"It's a story of two people who have different qualities, they're exceptional in their own field in that regiment but they lack something which the other has and when they come together they actually make a lot of progress and succeed," Amitabh explained about Shamitabh.

He also explained why he ruled out Hollywood roles, "I think the Indian film industry is fine for me so far, I doubt if there will be any space for me in Hollywood," he told Sunrise's Eamonn Holmes. Gatsby was done as a friendly gesture for (director) Baz Luhrmann who I came to know during his trip to India. I doubt very much if there will be anything else coming my way."

Shamitabh is scheduled to release worldwide on 6 February.

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